10 tips for summer silly season marketing

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10 tips for summer silly season marketing

Welcome to the silly season.

The phone barely rings for many, emails slow to an almost manageable pace, and you’re trying to juggle your schedule with bored school kids, who are going through the fridge like termites through wood.

The generic advice at this time of the year, when it comes to marketing is – don’t bother. Everyone is somewhere else, probably being tanned on a beach.

However, for many a business there’s no time off when it comes to marketing and keeping yourself front of mind with existing and potential customers.

So, let’s start by being honest. The school’s summer break does coincide with a lull. However, this can be a good time to market.

Organise yourself well and this quieter time in our usually hectic world could bear great fruits.

Here are 10 tips to use time wisely.

  1. Use this time to compile some blog posts to put away for future use. This may mean when you start finding your time more of a challenge come the early autumn, you have a good stockpile to hand.
  2. Take time to review your website content and see how it can be presented better. Look through the site diligently and rewrite the content to make the most of Search Engine Optimisation opportunities.
  3. The web is full of great stuff you can adapt, so take time to find and file articles that your prospects and social media followers would find of interest.
  4. Look for Guest Blogging opportunities. This is a great time to introduce yourself via a lot of forums.
  5. 5. Take a look at your LinkedIn profile and review it again for search engine purposes – be careful about the use of keywords, choose wisely and add projects. Also, take the time to link up with a few new people each day. It could be the beginning of a really good habit that you can stick to.
  6. Have a good look at your branding and how it feels. It may be time to consider a refresh. Ask yourself some searching questions.
  7. Read more educational content. Look for articles which will help you be that little bit better at what you do. Maybe even watch a few TED talks. We are huge fans of TED and listening to so many experts with great advice is an opportunity you can’t overlook, and will send your confidence into orbit ready for the autumn attack!
  8. See what the competition is doing. A lot of time you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but see what those in your marketplace are up to. Are they doing something you could be doing better than them?
  9. Take time to plan with your colleagues and business associates to review your sales and marketing plan and goals for the months ahead. You may find your current plan now seems hopelessly outdated.
  10. Keep a note pad or your phone with you for inspiration. You may be on the beach or up a mountain yourself at times over the next few weeks, but often that’s when the great ideas arrive. You can get a new insight with sand between your toes or the wind in your hair as easily as with a keyboard in front of you. Make sure when inspiration comes knocking, it can be recorded to work on when normal life begins again.

So in short, don’t waste the summer. It can be hugely productive, and creative. And, if there is allowed to be one extra bit of advice it is – enjoy the rest. We all need a recharge from time to time, so it’s your opportunity as much as everyone else’s.

Have a great summer folks.

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