What We Do



We do Public Relations/communications, social media, marketing, websites, advertising, copywriting and everything else you’d expect from a full service modern PR agency.


We make sure we mould a PR/communications strategy to meet the client’s individual needs, like any good agency should.


But what makes us so different? Well, we certainly aren’t large and corporate, but we are big enough to give our clients what they need without losing the personal touch. We listen twice as much as we talk – two ears and one mouth are for a reason.


We hear what you’re aiming to achieve and also to what your customers and potential customers are interested in. Also we find out what your competitors are saying too. You see, only by having a solid understanding of your market can we work out how to grow your presence. To do that means working closely with you – and we do like to think of ourselves as an integral part of your business.


Honest, straightforward and personal – that’s us.

If you like what you see give us a call on 01564 822 861



Good ideas, great ideas. The sort of ideas that shift thinking from ‘that’s how it’s always been done’ to ‘wow how did you came up with that.’


Ideas are the basis of everything in our field, which is why we’ll constantly come out with suggestions.


As well as that, be ready for us to give insights and expertise that’ll make you think of Public Relations and communications in a fresher and more exciting way. Oh, by the way we don’t do fancy jargon either. It’s all good old, plain English.


So now what’s your next step? Is it a brand new communications plan that brings together advertising, PR and social media? Or perhaps you’re just in search of some sound advice? We’re there with as much – or as little – support as you need.

Give us a call to discuss.