Solicitors can’t allow their reputations to be tainted by tacky awareness days

Solicitors can’t allow their reputations to be tainted by tacky awareness days

Apparently, Monday 15th January was supposed to be blue Monday, which the media will have you believe is the most depressing day of the year.

Equally, the previous Monday, the 8th January was dubbed divorce day, which again is some strange media invention where divorce is more likely than any other day of the year.

For many years now there have been a host of new awareness campaigns popping up. Whilst World Aids Day, National Recycling Week, and many others are excellent, highlighting progression in issues that need tackling, there are some events that are not in the best taste, and sadly divorce day falls into that category.

In our opinion, whilst law firms are part of the divorce business, looking for work in this area has to be done gently, and sadly the divorce day invention is likely to do more harm than good for firms who handle it incorrectly.

The Law Society Gazette wrote an article dispelling the divorce day myth demonstrating that whilst January is a popular month to explore the subject, following very difficult Christmas breaks, there is no substance in a specific day being some kind of divorce hot spot.

It has no credibility, any more than the fact that the first Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year. The truth is we all live our own lives with our own story-lines, and some bad health issues, the loss of a loved one, or a myriad of other personal crises, will certainly beat on a personal level a dull day at the start of the year, where most of us are still feeling sluggish and a bit out of pocket after the festive period.

Law firms have to manage their reputation carefully, showing dignity, compassion and professionalism. Whilst it’s fine to talk about divorce and highlight that certain spells in the year are more challenging than others, trying to jump on the ‘divorce day,’ bandwagon without at least referencing it for what it is can do more harm than good.

When talking to the public, which a host of law companies now do far better than ever before, the skill is in communicating in a way that makes people see when and where legal help is needed. It also has to be communicated in a way that is relevant.

Too much information is frequently an issue. At a time of brain overload for so many of us, this has to be front of mind.

It’s a busy, information rich world and for law firms reputation is still king. With every tweet, Facebook post, press release and blog this thought can never be forgotten.

Much good work building a reputation can soon be undone in an age where so many can take offence so easily. Modern communications are both a blessing and a curse. It is up to you though whether you use them wisely or carelessly.

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