Social Media chat creating gangsters paradise

Social Media chat creating gangsters paradise

If we are all to be honest social media is still so much in its infancy that only in a decade or so we will have the perspective to really work out what was going on at this time.

However, one thing for sure is the use of social media incorrectly can land you in trouble. We’ve all heard dark tales of the Facebook indiscretions which have lost jobs, jeopardised marriages etc, and vile cyber bullying, but until now the use of social media and burglary has been very much on the backburner.

Yet, as long ago as two years back there was a report from a security company stating that 80 per cent of convicted burglars believed that social media produced rich research for them and their villainous cohorts.

It all seems to make sense too. If I was thinking about robbing a house I could at this second see several people on Facebook who I know are on holiday, and one of them has just recently shown off their shiny red superfast BMW toy as wel!.

Something as innocent as a day out at the zoo could provide opportunities, whilst two weeks in Barbados may sound like heaven, it could be a burglar’s paradise too.

It used to be the case that the average burglar spent 10 minutes maximum in a property before heading off with his swag bag, but social media has changed all that. It gives the opportunity to look for that Gucci watch you have hid in your slippers.

With Facebook locations added to posts too, as well as Foursquare check ins burglars have never had it so good. Also Facebook has now got Open Graph, which gives even more information on co-ordinates to those of a techy leaning.

In short though you don’t have to be living in too much fear, but instead exercise some common sense.

If I’m away for a weekend and I take a great pic I tend to post it when I’m back. I don’t think letting people know via Twitter you are on a beach in Italy is particularly a good idea.

If you are open by nature think about home security. It is proven that thieves are put off by those homes with alarms. Cutting back shrubs to prevent hiding places also helps, but in the big scheme of it all – just use the grey matter before you post. That should ensure when you get home you’re red BMW will still be there to welcome you.