Snob Katie Hopkins – proof there is such a thing as bad publicity

Snob Katie Hopkins – proof there is such a thing as bad publicity

There’s no such thing as bad publicity unless it’s your obituary said Irish playwright Brendan Behan.

However, former ‘The Apprentice’ contestant Katie Hopkins is the latest to prove this isn’t always the case.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the viral sensation of her interview on ITV’s This Morning , it is probably worth watching it before you read this.

However, I’ll take it that you have probably watched the ten minute car crash of horsey horsey snobbery, which was probably the most excruciating self-publicity since journalist Samantha Brick, an ordinary looking kind of woman, told the world how being so beautiful was a curse to her.

Whilst Brick was ridiculed for her self-delusion, and pitied by many Katie Hopkins display of toxic self-publicity shows a more sinister use of the media, with comments I’m sure she hammed up for maximum exposure.

She told how she would choose who her kids play with based on their play mate’s first name.

Her argument was that if these children have certain names like Chantelle or Chardonnay she can pigeon hole if they are likely to be a bad influence on her cosseted darlings, and such snap judgments  were needed in her ultra-busy life to ensure her cherubs are kept on track.

Now snobbery is nothing new and if we are to be honest we all have an element of it, but her argument lacked any substance and  showed baseless ignorance, which made her very much alone on the couch whilst the three others around her tore her to ribbons.

She is proof that if you are going to have strong views you have to have a strong argument.

I’m sure today though that she will probably be congratulating herself as YouTube hits go into orbit, and her Public Relations agency will undoubtedly be popping champagne corks, as newspaper columnists tap away frantically about what her words mean.

However, as Samantha Brick has proven, being famous for being infamous isn’t always a great career move.

Katie Hopkins is having her time in the limelight, just like she did in the sad media circus that is’ I’m A Celebrity – Get me Out of here’, but I suspect time will prove that this PR stunt is worse than having insects thrown on her head.