Moss Bros boss shows human face is best PR coup

Moss Bros boss shows human face is best PR coup

Moss Bros is a shop that generally doesn’t capture the public’s imagination, but for those who watched Channel 4’ s Undercover Boss last night this certainly will not be the case anymore.

Taking a huge risk, in such a PR stunt for this programme in which one of the most senior boardroom members pretends to be an ordinary worker, Moss Bros’s image is shining as bright as the sun on this fine July day.

The programme demonstrated how a brand with its heart in the right place, trying to do its best, despite having its limitations, just like all organisations do, can win a lot of friends.

Star of the show was Brian Brick – the man who in the five years he has headed the company has turned it from a dinosaur, destined to go the same ways as Woolworths and Comet, back into profit.

Ditching his glasses and donning a beard, he visited stores pretending to take on various roles and in doing so heard tales of woe such as delivery drivers having unrealistic schedules and demotivated staff saying they weren’t being listened to.

Through it all Mr Brick, a humble and approachable man, took on board the complaints, listening intently.

As ever the show ended with the staff duped by his disguise, being confronted by the CEO, who thanked them for their input before showing his appreciation by offering promotions and improvements.

However, the show did more for Moss Bros in the public’s perception than it ever did for the workers.

There was 1.7 million viewers, many of them like me, who haven’t seen Moss Bros as a clothing chain of choice for many a moon, who now have them back on the radar.

In fact, a visit to their website saw me very pleasantly surprised with what they had to offer, and also made me use my debit card for their benefit.

What Moss Bros did last night in a very human piece of PR was win friends and customers. People buy off people. I liked Brian Brick. I liked the staff we met and I also liked the clothes. I am now a customer.

It was a PR coup of the very finest. Well done Moss Bros, well done Brian, you bought my heart and mind last night with a masterstroke that even the best and most expensive advertising campaign would find near impossible.