If content is king why is Facebook so full of drivel?

If content is king why is Facebook so full of drivel?

There is a saying content is king when it comes to pushing out messages online.

By that what’s meant is we are busy people so make every word count and grab em by the throat with what you have to say.

Now I have to agree. That is true. There are loads of people out there who know every gadget and gizmo to push messages into the far flung corners of cyberspace, but the message recipients will 999 times out of 1000 press delete, and rightly so.

However, whilst snappy stuff is vital for businesses on the whole it does seem that the complete opposite does appear to work also.

For instance I came across on Facebook today a post asking me to think of a city without the letter A in it. It said it bet I couldn’t?

Well, I could and big cities too like London, New York and Munich. I didn’t answer it any more than I would answer the type of questions on daytime TV like: What city did Ultravox sing about in their 1981 hit Vienna. Was it a, Amsterdam, b, Stoke-on-Trent, c, Vienna.

Now this Facebook conundrum had a mental amount of comments, something like 615,000.

I find equally stupid posts on Facebook like if you hate cancer please share. Now, maybe I’ve led a sheltered life, but I’m yet to meet anyone who has openly admitted to being a fan of cancer.

There are trillions of other equally brain cell bludgeoning posts which generally get shared on Facebook.

The reason I believe for their popularity is in this super fast 21st century 24 7 life we are just overwhelmed. We all find ourselves doing what’s on our urgent to do lists and these lists get longer and longer.

When we get away from these in your face matters there is a tendency to completely dumb down. Facebook is a great time-wasting tool, where we can no snoop in on the lives of someone we went to school with, but haven’t seen since 1986. Yet, we are happy for them to tell us that they’ve just eaten a sausage sandwich at a Little Chef on the A14 near Northampton.

It’s all bizarre, but utilised correctly people will engage with dumbed down content.

However, like in all marketing exercise if your goal is to interact with a certain demography do your homework. Such nonsense clearly works.

Incidentally, the answer to my question was c, Vienna.