Humour the gift for 2014 social media success

Humour the gift for 2014 social media success

I suppose it depends on your business, but the last couple of days I’m just beginning to detect that thoughts of Santa are beginning to envelop the nation.

It’s always about now that we are beginning to wind down.

The first week of December, I think it’s fair to say, the sound of Roy Wood and his cohorts makes most decent people recoil in horror, but whilst I expect this week to be productive for most of the nation from Monday you can pretty-much forget it.

The festive classics will be in full throttle from then and as a nation it is time to switch off, crack a few walnuts, and be seated for the annual screening of The Wizard of Oz.

However, whilst you still have a semblance of your corporate head still in place, I thought I’d offer this gift, which will be worth as much as gold, frankincense and myrrh for businesspeople in the New Year ahead.

It is the gift of humour – the missing ingredient in many a social media campaign.

Being in Public Relations I meet many people who use social media, but aren’t  getting anywhere and they just can’t understand why.

Well more often than not it is often because their use of social media is to annoy the hell out of everyone by trying to sell. It’s a one way street and a very dull one at that.

These serious types never actually engage, comment on other posts, tweets etc and won’t drop the stuffy corporate façade and show there is a human there.

Us homo-sapiens laugh, cry and interact with others so do a bit of that in your 2014 social media.

Show you’ve got a bit of wit and panache and you might find you’ll be more attractive.

Have you noticed how the funny posts are the ones shared most?

In my early business days I tried to be awfully serious as I was told by men in suits that’s what you do, and it did me no favours as I thrive on tomfoolery, with me writing and performing stand-up comedy. Now I’ve realised I can be my light-hearted self it has really helped Nolan PR.

Most people have got that humour in them and they should show it on social media – be themselves, be a joker.

It shouldn’t be used all the time, there are times and places, but just like in tangible touchy-feely real life you’ll find that if you can smile and show a bit of charm you’ll make new friends – even Facebook friends!