How do professionals become celebrities?

How do professionals become celebrities?

When it comes to PR there is no better accolade than becoming the ‘go to professional expert,’ wheeled out for every available media opportunity.

Your everyday doctors, dentists, lawyers, vets and so on have seen their lives and their incomes transformed by a little sprinkle of media magic. And, let’s not even mention celebrity chefs!

However, whilst these professionals are seen as a select bunch, their journey from the High Street to the make-up rooms of the BBC had to start somewhere.

Generally, it begins with a realisation that being seen as an expert in your field by the media is actually a really great thing.

Some may have happened on this celebrity status by accident, for example, if a TV programme needed a vet at the last minute after their normal, ‘go-to vet’ called in sick and they rang the local vet’s practice.

However, for most when they first appear in our living rooms it will have been through the culmination of possibly years of chipping away at the media – emails, phone calls and so on.

So, can you imagine how suddenly being perceived as an expert on the TV with millions of viewers hanging on your every word can help boost your career or your business?

PR of any kind is a third party endorsement of a professional’s or company’s skills. It’s basically saying that you are trustworthy and know what you are talking about.

That is why progressive organisations adopt a PR strategy understanding that it is far stronger than advertising, where really you are just telling the world how great you are instead of a third party endorsing you.

Many businesses will be writing their marketing plan for the new financial year and for those who haven’t looked at the power of PR now may be an opportune time to do so.

PR is exciting, unpredictable and ultimately incredibly powerful. Look into it as it really could be your key to many great opportunities.