Heat wave ensures silly season starts early

Heat wave ensures silly season starts early

Shops have sold out of barbecues, and paddling pool sales are up 800 per cent on last year, and meanwhile the local A and Es are treating gazillions for sunburn and heat exhaustion.

No doubt these are some of the headlines you have been reading about over the past week or so and there will be a lot more where they came from.

Unless Nelson Mandela finally leaves this mortal coil, as he has been threatening to do for months now, you can be guaranteed the news agenda will become more flippant for until September.

In newspapers we knew August as the silly season. It is the time of year everyone goes on holiday and forgets the news. The public moan less so journalists have less to write about.

It provides quite a conundrum for news editors, which I was once. However, it also provides opportunities for companies. With less ‘more important’ stories circulating it is an opportunity to get your 15 minutes of fame.

Stories which ordinarily would never see the light of day will be welcomed with open arms, by news rooms struggling with staff holidays and the general public malaise that comes with the long school break.

So if you have a story about your business now is the time to pounce, but also make sure you have a good photo too. A picture is worth 1000 words, as the old saying goes, and I can tell you that whilst a good story with a bad picture can be ignored, even the weakest of stories with a good picture will see the light of day.

In short silly season presents opportunity. Seize the moment and good luck.