Bloggers the new stars in the modern PR age

Bloggers the new stars in the modern PR age

A decade ago barely anyone knew what a blogger was, but so great has been the social media and blogging revolution of recent years they have now become part of modern life.

We at Nolan PR now recommend to all clients that they make blogging part of their marketing plan, but also advise for certain industries to look for what we call the professional bloggers and become friends with them. This might be the wisest decision you could make.

Why is this? Well it’s simple. The best bloggers have lots of followers and are influential people.

It used to be the case that traditional media were the ones who held the key to the best PR opportunities, but now bloggers are part of the act as a powerful endorsement.

As most of us in business know the most effective way of finding new customers is a recommendation. That could be Dave who thinks you’re a great solicitor or cosmetic surgeon, or a highly influential blogger telling her band of followers that you’re the best.

It is pure PR heaven.

What also has to be remembered is the mainstream media also follow these bloggers, so your blogger may be able to open an Aladdin’s cave of opportunities.

Let us make this clear ‘word of mouth endorsement is far more powerful than advertising.’

The most savvy businesses are increasingly recognising the important role that bloggers can play in their marketing plan, but most bloggers though are a little off the radar.

They will be unlikely to have the same reach of the traditional mainstream media, but what they lack in reach, they more than make up for with an opportunity for engagement with niche audiences.

Also bear in mind that when it comes to blog audiences, bigger isn’t always better. It’s better to go where there’s a small audience who may be your exact target market.

Also it’s worth pointing out that most of the big brands use their PR team to include blogger outreach as part of their marketing mix.

So we say to you don’t be afraid to reach out to bloggers as they are human.

After all most successful, established bloggers will be well used to dealing with such relationships and will be able to offer you ideas.

We hope this has inspired you to go ahead and find more about the world of bloggers rather than left you scratching your head.

It is a big subject, but not so unwieldy that it can’t be handled. Like all forms of marketing it has to be tested and measured and kept on top of.

There are also a lot of marketing experts out there who can help make sense of it all, leaving you to concentrate on other aspects of the business. Delegation to experts can sometimes be a better option especially in a fast moving world.

Bloggers are the new stars of the modern age. Embrace them they aren’t about to go away.