Why PR is better than advertising in building relationships

Why PR is better than advertising in building relationships

Have you noticed how when people are unwillingly single they can sometimes come across as a little desperate to find a partner?

We all, regardless of our current personal circumstances, should be able to relate to this.

After all, do you recall the friends who after a break-up looked desperate, harassing potential suitors everywhere you went, so we all decided to avoid their calls and texts until they sorted themselves out?

Also, we can equally relate to how this same person told us how after meeting a new partner they had an opportunity for romance with someone else soon after. “Like buses – two come at once,” they’d say.

Have you ever thought about how this relates to business?

Well, think about it, these single people are selling themselves as a partner and this can be a bit overbearing. It can make potential men and women run like gazelles to escape the onslaught.

The same happens in business.

Those constant tweets, linked in posts, telling everyone to buy, buy, buy is no different to that inebriated Romeo harassing women in bars, albeit a shade more gentle. It annoys those on the receiving end and sends the barriers straight up.

To get on the radar, to be the partner, whether in life or business, means being interesting and subtle!

That is editorial, it is placing people as experts.

Of course, the same applies to social media, of course, though the occasional sales post, we’d say 1 in 3 is okay – just to let those know you’re ready to talk.

However, the other two-thirds of communications should be displaying that you are kindred spirits to potential clients. Share interesting content, say interesting things about the topic they like. In other words, be people-centric.

Looking on our Twitter feed we see reams of poor PR, caustic communications, that are at worst extremely irritating, at best white noise.

Using public relations to showcase expertise to an interested audience is a great move. Using the man in the nightclub analogy, placing yourself as someone who has the platform of editorial, shows you as an interesting person, rather than the desperate drunk.

Equally, sharing such PR wins on social passes it to a greater audience.

Communications isn’t that difficult. Remember tune into everyone’s favourite station WII FM (what’s in it for me.) We’d add, be genuine about this, because if you care more about the customer and do what’s right for them, even if it means turning down business, then you’ll stand out as someone with great integrity.

So play the long game with PR and social media to gain a great business profile and long-lasting relationships. Be interesting, think in a customer centred way and you’ll soon be a Casanova of the business world.